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Heroixx Events

We host zoom and in person events on an annual basis. Contact Natalie Philbert for more information on upcoming events at nphilbert@hemophilia.on.ca. See below for some examples of our events!

Heroixx Online Webinar

Nutrition for people with bleeding disorders

Dr. Lisa Tabrizi, Naturopathic Doctor presented on how to use nutrition to optimize your health. Dr. Lisa has over 10 years of clinical practice as an ND, and has expertise in the areas of nutrition and women’s health. She discussed important nutrients that are key for people living with bleeding disorders and a whole lot more!


You can access the recording here.

Heroixx Online Webinar

Exercise and Your Period: Debunking the Myths

Derry (Deirdre) Tetzlaff, a registered physiotherapist and the Physiotherapy Professional Practice Lead within the Rehabilitation Services Department at the Hospital for Sick Children presented on exercise and your period. This informative presentation covered:


  • Exercising during your period: what is okay and where to be cautious
  • Understanding your menstrual cycle and its impact on
    exercise performance and recovery
  • Discussion regarding core and pelvic health, importance of
    maintaining a strong pelvic floor throughout all stages of life


To access the presentation, visit here.

Heroixx Online Webinar

What to Expect When Expecting: Pregnancy and Bleeding Disorders

Dr. Rachelle Blackman, hematologist at the New Brunswick Hereditary Bleeding Disorders clinic at the Moncton City Hospital, presented on this important topic of pregnancy with a bleeding disorder.


Whether currently pregnant or considering, this information session aimed to provide tools during pregnancy with a bleeding disorder. Topics covered included food for thought if considering pregnancy, how to prepare for your primary care and specialist healthcare visits, what to expect while pregnant and afterwards, the role of key healthcare team members, potential barriers, and health issues to consider for both parent and baby.



View the recording here.

Heroixx Online Webinar

Starting Your Period: You Don’t Have To Go With The Flow

Vanessa Bouskill, MN, RN(EC) Nurse Practitioner-Paediatrics, The Hospital for Sick Children, presented on starting your period and how to prepare. The presentation’s objectives included:


  • Knowledge is power
  • Understanding your body and the changes that occur in preparation for your first period
  • What can affect your period
  • How to be prepared
  • When to seek medical attention


To access the recording, visit here.

Heroixx Online Webinar

Hemophilia and Hemophilia Carriers

Megan Chaigneau, a Nurse Coordinator with the Inherited Bleeding Disorder Program in Kingston Health Sciences Center, presented on updates on new research regarding hemophilia and hemophilia carriers. She explored Factor VIII and Factor IX deficiencies, abnormal bleeding symptoms and what it means to be a hemophilia carrier in 2021.



To access the recording, visit here.

Heroixx In-Person Events

Each year we host an in person session at our Annual General Meeting Conference that takes place over the weekend. We offer a session for women and a separate session for adolescents. The topics and location changes each year, please reach out to Natalie Philbert at nphilbert@hemophilia.on.ca for more information.